Cynthia Erivo Went From Running a Marathon to the Front Row of Fashion Week

In a way, attending fashion month is a marathon — traveling from show to show across two continents and four countries in a matter of weeks can be an exhausting feat. But even the toughest editor knows that it’s nothing compared to running an actual marathon. Cynthia Erivo, however, has been doing both of these things in the past week. The star went from running in the London marathon to attending Louis Vuitton’s spring 2023 show in just two days.Image may contain Clothing Apparel Diaper Footwear and ShoeImage may contain Plant Human Person Flower Flower Bouquet Flower Arrangement Blossom Graphics and Floral Design
On Sunday, Erivo completed the TCS London 2022 Marathon — her second after running the 2016 New York City marathon. Erivo said of her impressive run: “It was emotional. If you thought going to Paris for the Louis Vuitton spring 2023 show after such an achievement would be an exhausting prospect, you’d be right — even though Erivo is purely a game. “I know I’m going to Paris the next day and my leg isn’t completely healed yet, so if you look closely at some of the photos, I’ll be moving pretty slowly because stairs are a fun thing to approach — both going up and down,” Erivo said. “But I did, and I spent the next day on my heels, so I feel pretty accomplished!”
Erivo shared that the theatrical setting of the presentation made it all worthwhile. Erivo said: “The production design for the show was really beautiful – a post-apocalyptic, alien vibe – and the music was really great. A frequent wearer of Louis Vuitton on the red carpet, Erivo is picking up new pieces by designer Nicolas Ghesquière and keeping an eye on future appearances. “My favorite look is the black leather two-piece dress that looks like the buckle on the boots on the show two seasons ago,” she said. “It has a cream belt at the neck and a cream belt at the hem. That is my favorite. “A quick morning run to start the day.
Naturally, as a red carpet star and fashion lover, Erivo needed her own statement look for the front row. Styled by Jason Bolden, she opted for a bronze Louis Vuitton twill shirt, teamed with high-waisted leather harem pants. Erivo says: “It turns out [Bolden and Louis Vuitton] saved this look for me. “I guess they know me well enough to know I like dangerous things and daring things. I like the feel of it — very Egyptian feel. She completed the look with a monogrammed top handle Louis Vuitton bag and sky-high boots. “Louis understands my love for the heel of a skyscraper,” she said. (Remember: This woman just ran a marathon.)Image may contain Clothing Apparel Human Person Flooring and Floor
Now that both her marathon and Paris Fashion Week have come to an end, Erivo will now return to prepping for 2024’s Wicked, her upcoming musical film starring Ariana Grande . (Erivo will play the evil witch Elphaba; Grande will play the kind witch Glinda.) She can’t tell us much about the project just yet — but she did give us a trailer. “Preparations for filming are going very well,” Erivo said. “You can expect, hopefully, a great story about two brilliant women trying to figure it all out. And a lot of good songs.”

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