Midi Skirts, Nipped Waists, and Polka Dots—Shop Fall’s Retro Trend

You can blame Baz Lurhmann’s Elvis. Or maybe it was the gorgeous leather midi dresses (purple! and ranunculus yellow!) on the runway at Bottega Veneta. Maybe even suits decorated with leather and beaded with oversized Gucci necklaces. In any case, there is a popular trend this fall and it can easily be summed up as retro fashion – retro-to-wear, if you will.Image may contain Human Person Animal Dog Mammal Pet Canine Clothing and Apparel
Image may contain Human Person Clothing Apparel Footwear and Fashion
In addition to attracting attention at individual designers’ runways, the King of Rock-inspired look was celebrated at our very own VOGUE World: New York runway show. Here, pieces like Marc Jacobs’ polka dot all-black look were featured alongside Proenza Schouler’s zebra print midi dresses. All of these pieces carry a bit of nostalgia and a bygone flair, but for any particular era it doesn’t matter too much.Image may contain Human Person Clothing Apparel Footwear and Fashion
In the fall of 2022, some designers called for 1950s rawness with shin hems and headscarves. Others have felt gravity pull them toward the swinging ’60s — think miniskirts, off-the-shoulder dresses, and shiny patent leathers. Moving on, the 70s are also a major reference point; Designers sought out our pussy bow blouses and sepia-inspired color stories. Mix them all into one and you have it: retro fashion featured in fall 2022.

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