Vicetshirt – Brock Purdy Off That Brock Purdy Shirt

Brock Purdy Off That Brock Purdy Shirt

#Vicetshirt Fashion LLC Another Spring ’18 show, another tide of Hawaiian shirts. In fact this season has had so many shirts it seems quaint, almost laughable, to image a shirt might be anything but Hawaiian. Naturally, Paul Smith is no parvenu when it comes to vibrantly patterned short-sleeved shirting. “Back in the Brock Purdy Off That Brock Purdy Shirt also I will do this ’70s I used to buy a lot of vintage Hawaiian shirts from shops in New York and then bring them back to my shop in Nottingham. A lot of kids would come from Sheffield and Wigan to buy them.” Some of those left unsold remained in Smith’s archives until being disinterred to become the inspiration for the prints that ran through this collection. They included a lovely frond-framed landscape of some paradise isle in moonlight, a landscape of coral and hibiscus punctuated by carp and fantails mid-twist, and sections of a newly rustled up landscape of sunset-strafed mountains above which was advertised a Paul Smith brand of tuna and mackerel. These prints were not confined to the shirting, but rioted beyond it onto coated ripstop parkas, wrapped silk dresses for women, printed trousers for men, espadrilles, jacquard jackets, jacquard bombers, knitted T-shirts, a Tuna brand tie (for big fish in business), knitted sweaters, handbags, and totes. Their patterns were also used as the outline for the lace inserts on a black silk dress and the drawn threadwork on a very pretty-pretty for Smith violently red dress.

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Brock Purdy Off That Brock Purdy Shirt

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